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I went to this restaurant with new renovations and found the prices had been hiked up.The portion sizes have shrunken and the food quality went down.

The wait time did not change eventhough the restaurant size is now 3x the original. The wait staff were very rude when I returned my RAW chicken. It was bloody and when I asked for a replacement they refused. Saying that the chicken is frozen so it is expected to be bloody this way when cooked.

Okay, am I wrong but frozen chicken wings should not be served? I talked to the manager and there was no help there.

I basically had to pay for the wings eventhoug I decided not to eat them cuz I didn't want to get sick.

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Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #16870

Sounds like Domino's, the prices go up but the amount of food is lesser. As for the bloody chicken you should have threatened to put it on the news that they are serving bad poisionous chicken.

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